Best Web Design and App Development Service Provider in Toronto

Web designing is like reinventing the structure of your business model. There is an interesting trend in web designing these days: Take a look at some old websites that are pretty amazing look wise like Pinboard, Digg, and Delicious. All of these websites are redesigned because old designs are not good for Smartphone users. Thought Media can help you to make your website look more eye catching and user friendly. We are very good at creating website and mobile apps development.


Hire Best Web Design Company in Toronto

Web Design Company in Toronto is working closely with the clients to understand the needs of their business. We determine the key objects of the web project such as product, services, and brand awareness, to create a diluted virtual presence, or to utilise the website as a lead generation tool.

This is one of the best things about our sales team after determination they are able to develop strategy to achieve such goals. Get your business website online at affordable price with thought media.

Hire Best App Development Company in Toronto

We at Thought Media develop powerful mobile applications for Apple’s IOS and Android Devices. According to recent research, more than 75% users are browsing through mobile phones. Mobile apps are playing vital role for acquiring business from customers using mobile applications. Nowadays each business website is converting their website in to mobile applications or either making their website fully compatible with various devices such as desktop, laptops, tablets, or Smartphone’s.  The Apple and Google play app both stores are getting millions of unique visitors on daily basis and are great resources for acquiring new business from your targeted demographic.

We have a team of 16 persons their competencies in custom graphics, web development, mobile app designing, and web architectures. We have worked in various categories of businesses including arts & design, technology, non-profit business, web design, e-commerce, industries etc. Let’s build your web project and mobile apps for your business visit us at www.

Website Designing for Lead Generation

A lead is born when a user takes an action; a simple contact form is submitted. It happens on a daily basis while surfing on a web using desktops and devices. It’s common thing but it’s not as simple as we think. There are several factors involved in lead generation. Some peoples are very good at implementing strategies according to their business needs but most don’t.   The difference is in website that is designed for lead generation.  A lead generation website has specific set of pages, each with specific elements.

Let’s break it down.

The website is gently leading the person step by step: awareness, interest, trust, and then action. That’s a classic conversion funnel. How pages can be aligned as follows:

  1. Blog Post: Create awareness with some creative content.
  2. Web Page: Proactive information
  3. About Page: Build trust using explanatory product information and their benefits.
  4. Contact Page: Contact form for enquiry related to the product and services.
  5. Thank You Page: They have completed the steps and now lead is conversion.

This is the process of lead generation but it can be only worth when pages are designed for the purpose. Each page needs to be designed using set of elements. Here is the breakdown of the pages for lead generation.

Header Design with Meta Tags

Designing of header is something that can be the front face of lead generation page. If it is not attractive then you would not be able to create awareness or you may loose that lead. It is also need implementation in heading tag along with Meta title.  This is one of the most important places to use tagline of product highlight.

Prominent E-Mail registration form with descriptive call to action

An email sign up or registration form should be interactive that tells users what they are going to get and gives some evidence that they will not have to face any kind of spam activity on their inboxes.

Active social media networks

Sending peoples on wrong network may cost you extra while working on lead generation. Always prefer active social media networks for lead generation page. You really don’t want people to leave your site, but if they do, send them on active social media network where you can truly engaged with your website visitors.

Compelling Image

Nowdays peoples are more interested in reading visual content instead or getting bored with just with the text. So, every page consists of at least one infographic image that represent product information with descriptive content. This makes post more engaging both on your site and in the social streams when it gets shared. It should be interactive and clear conceptualize with informative charts and diagrams.

Service Pages

Service page is the pathway to give clear image of services through visual and descriptive content to the visitors.

Call to Action for Information

Many visitors may learn so much from your informative posts and then leave the web page. To improve the chances that they’ll stick around, end each post with an invitation to get in touch for more information and page link to your contact form with question that invited to comment.

We at Thought Media love developing interactive website, mobile apps, and much more! Let’s discuss your project visit us at or call us at 1800 916 3864

Hottest Web Design Trends for 2017


Web design world is consistently evolving. Every year, some trends are born, some faded, and some just continue to expand with unique environment. Extra pixels addition in images, these design elements come together to design a face of the internet as we know it.

There is no doubt that graphics evolution we watch on our screens are often the result of giant technology and web development companies’ innovations. However, a range of time sensitive elements such as fashion, news, phenomena, cultural events, and more also affects designing.

So the million-dollar question is what are the hottest trends for New Year 2017? We at thought media offer full range of web design services in Toronto. Our web designing team has done research and taken some notes on hottest trends in web design for upcoming year. There are some important trends listed as follows for upcoming year.

Mobile Friendly Approach

In this era of handheld devices, everything we are looking for is at our fingertips- literally, we just have to scroll in order to find. Even on desktops and tablets, we are addicted to our mouse wheel, track pad, and it is mostly thanks to social networks.   

The mobile friendly approach is not new to 2016 and has been around for a few years now, but with mobile phones now officially launched as the primary device used for browsing the web from anytime anywhere. Companies are realising the importance of having a website that effectively content deliver on small screen and are scrambling to get on board.

Content must be design to auto fit on screen itself according to screen size then you will be able to get user attention on your product or website.

Capture user attention with GIF

Abusing Gifs and animated pictures can definitely affect your website UX (User Experience). However, it might be useful too. Animated Gifs are playing very important role to bringing your website design to the next level without making your visitors squint.

Gifs and animations make website more appealing for visitors. We recommend using these animated pictures on specific elements that you want to stand out such as sales offers, coupons, best-selling products, and so on. You can also add some parallax effects on website to look coolest on web. You can create 3d effects for story telling of your website in a fascinating way.

Use of 3D Geometric Shapes

Once upon a time, the big digital trend was skeuomorphism bless us. The idea was to transform realistic objects in to digital imaging. For example, you probably remember the notepad on the iPhone that looked like an actual notepad. While cool a clear, it did not feel modern at all. Then flat design of Microsoft Windows 8 Style with minimalistic icons and color blocks with no reference to our real world, which is, started showing up everywhere. At the same, time Google came out with material design and bring some fresh perspective to geometric shapes, some shadows, motion, and boldness to geometric styles. A Googles geometric shape in website backgrounds has totally shaken the web. For More Details visit us at

Get a Custom Logo Design from Professional Logo Designers in Toronto

hHere is everything you need to know about designing a logo for your business.

We have seen various logo designs in our daily life on road, digital media, or public places. Nevertheless, logo is not just an image it should be an interactive enough to present your brand as well. An interactive logo can have only three types of response – yes, no, and wow! These responses can help you to understand, how exactly your logo is looks a like. Logos serve as an instant reminder of your company bio and products to the peoples to recognise your brand value.

In the age where everyone must have a business and personal website to support his or her product, services, and the company behind it, the demand for top class logo design could not be faded. Here are the basic principles of logo designing and tips to finesse your process listed as follows:

Online Logo Designing Sites

Inspiration of design can come from anything, anywhere while walking on the road, sleeping, or watching movies etc. In addition, there are various websites available for designing logo online. Nevertheless, you can have only basic designs that are just looking like an image not more that. To avoid all these issues you can hire logo designers in Toronto to create a perfect logo for you.

Get a Custom Logo Design

If you are unable to find suitable design on logo designing sites, then you can hire designers to design your imaginative logo design. You can conduct research in to logo designs that have been successful and trending in the market. It takes time to understand but its worthy for your business. Develop the logo concept and take it into to the action. We are the leading graphic design company in Toronto, who can help you to design customised logos according to your business nature. From bold 2.0 style logos to corporate branding logos, we have all those styles, creativity, and experience to create elegant logo for your business.  Get a custom logo designs with multiple colour options at affordable price.

Know Your Audience

User engagement is playing a vital role for growth of any business and services. If you are unable to capture your audience with your branding efforts then there is something gone wrong with your designing concepts. Equal participation is required from designers and clients to accomplish the project of branding and logo designing. Each brand has different nature of business so design should be unique and message is clear before any actual design takes places.

Hire Logo Designers in Toronto

We at Thought Media offer market research and corporate identity packages to enhance your brand management. You have to represent your product and services that you want to sell to the customers. Nowadays customers are more likely to buy products that have brand presence and better support in the world. You must have to create something unique that is user engaging and trustworthy. We will research your target audience and create innovative strategies that will assist you to create and build trust with your potential and loyal customer base. Hire our dedicated team of graphic designers to build your brand identity.

How To Find The Best Web Design Company in Toronto?

Are you looking for website design company and do not know where to start? In Toronto there is plenty of website designing companies available in your local market. Nevertheless, when it comes to hire a professional web design company for corporate website design. Thought Media is proud to be one of the most experienced web design organisations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have designed and created a plenty of unique, responsive websites for various organisations throughout Toronto and surrounding cities such as Markham, Scarborough, Durham, Mississauga, and more. Our web design experts know what makes a website stand in front of the crowd, and we will guide you on the top innovative answer for your own new website. Still there are so many questions coming in mind of the business owners those are mention below:

Website Design Selection

Selection of website design is one of the most important part of you website. Because website is one of the best tool to for growth of your business and it must be design that make sense for user and visitor while they navigate through your website. Identification of the right web design and development company of your website is not difficult if you know the key of your business and exactly you ask to the company.

Ask for portfolio

Every web design company have portfolio for their previous project or running projects. So, do not forget to check their portfolio because that might be helpful to understand the function of your website to solve the purpose of your business website. Any professional website design company must be in position to show you a plenty of work if they have worked with numerous client.


Testimonials are the written and recorded statements that support your credibility and level of your expertise in business. It is an extremely important part of the success of your business and reputation management. Customer reviews are the wonderful tool that helps you to attract customers. Web design companies are usually putting their reviews of their client website. On the other hand, so many online tools available to check customer reviews like Trustpilot, Mouth shut, and so on.

Pricing Matter

According to the market, an expensive price tag is not a guarantee of the good quality, so it is makes sense for you to check out some companies, reviews, and price quotation. Because some companies choosing best class hosting that may cost you extra for your website with secure socket layer to prevent website from hackers and unauthorised access. Just remember you will get what you are paying for always choose best hosting and secure domain provider. That’s something to keep in mind.

For More Details Visit at

Tips to Design a Business Website


In the age of technology era, having a professional website is an absolute necessity for all professionals and business enterprises. An eye-catching website can simultaneously operate as business marketing tool, a store platform, product showcase, skills representation, a communication channel and as an engine for branding. If you want, a website that can perform all those activities in the virtual or physical world, We at Thought Media can develop your website according to your business needs. Let us know your business requirement and we will build your business website according to it. Here are the tips to design a professional website as follows:

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the most important part of the business. It is an action plan that put brand to work for your business. You cannot have a strategy for your brand until you have a clear objective. Without a clear objective and compelling brand strategy, your business is just another fish swimming around aimlessly in water tank. It is intended to audience, identify your target market, competitors’ research, and brand identity. To perform those entire tasks you need to decide your brand name that can clarify the purpose of your business.

Web Design Approach

When it comes to approach web designer for designing your business website is not as easy as we think. We at thought media help you to build your business website just according to business needs. Our knowledge of internet /web consultants will take time to understand your business and provide showcase to choose your business theme. Once you have decided a theme, our open source developer can customise it according to your requirements. You can add variety of features that will enhance your website design, like parallax scrolling, background time-lapse videos, page layout, customised menus and much more.

Prioritise Usability

Your website, as stunning as it is, must also provide user-friendly experience to your website visitors. Usability is the most important part of any kind of product, software, and website designing. You can have the most stunning website in the world but they will leave immediately if they are unable to navigate site properly. It is a great way to encourage users to visit your website instead of the sites that belongs to your competitors.

Search Engine Friendly

Getting your site to rank in most popular search engines like Google, and Bing is also matter for your business to increase sales and brand reputation. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the only way to increase organic traffic to your site. SEO is a science of traffic generation, reputation management, and increasing leads for the business.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach that suggests design and development team to design website that respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. As the user switches from desktop to mobile or tab, the website should have functionality to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities. On the other hand, website should have programmed for automatically respond to user’s preference. For more details visit us at or Call at 1 800 916 3864

Affordable Web Design and Internet Marketing Company in Mississauga

Web design and development is most important part of any kind of business whether it’s small, medium, or a large scale. Most of the business owners are not aware about making their presence in virtual world. Every business needs plan and proper implementation to achieve goals they had set for their business.  In the age of technology era, each business needs a presence in virtual and physical world. Digital marketing is extremely important for achieve success, prosperity and more important is to originate the best way to target online customers for your business. If you are looking for affordable website designing services along with online marketing and graphic design services in Mississauga. We are the leading corporate website and graphic designer in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Scarborough etc. Our business services listed as follows:

Web Designing and Development

Toronto Web Design

Web designers are architects of the web and developers are the brain behind the structure. Web designers are focusing on the user interface and user experience of website and software. They must have expertise in graphic designing, color scheming and information flow for designing a wonderful user experience for their customers. On the other hand, developers are working to making whole architect of website to communicate with user interface by programmed each and everything as it has designed. We at Thought Media have team of experts, energetic about making your web project look and feel great.

Graphic Design

Graphic designing also acknowledged as interaction design, is the art and science of project planning, and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of interaction can be physical, virtual, and may include images, words, and animation graphics. Graphic design is a need of all type of businesses. Editorial design for mobile applications and website is the most tangible example of content driven in this area including websites, mobile apps, blogs, and pamphlets. We always focus on making eye-catching graphics for your business that represent your brand to the virtual and physical world.

SEO and Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing also called search engine optimisation; it is a process of promoting website, product, and services online in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Its brand scope includes customer relationship management, social media marketing, email marketing, and any promotional activities that are done via wireless media. Internet marketing is an approach to connect millions of people around the world using paid advertisement, search advertisement, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

Our search engine optimisation experts are available to analyse your website to launching it toward the top of search engine listings. It is only possible with the help of Internet marketing. We at Thought Media is committed to provide guaranteed results. We offer internet marketing and website design services in Mississauga. For more detail visit call us at 1-800-916-3864 or visit at

Hire Corporate Web Design Company in Toronto

If you are looking to hire Web Design Company in Toronto, you may feel saturated. Because there are several web designing and development companies running advertisements on ‘Google ‘and ‘Bing’ platforms. Therefore, it is not easy as to ensure you defrauded or end up with a designer who sucks.

Therefore, what happens when you hire Thought Media? We turn your ideas in to business transformations. We have web design solutions for every type of businesses. We also have pre-designed custom-made designs or you can choose any template we can customise for your business and personal website. We provide following services to our corporate and individual clients as follows:

Unique Web Design

Let your business stand out from the competitor and give yourself a unique custom web design with our custom website and graphic design services at affordable price. We build websites that are easy to manage and function, as it is you need it. Our designed and developed websites are conveying to the virtual world.

Web Software Development

Web Software development is always matter for your business that can focus on increasing brand awareness, driving sales, billing system, client relationship management and much more! We build web software that organise and streamline your business data, from handling clients, product services, keeping records and much more. We at Thought Media do not lock your web software into pre-designed software guidelines. We build it, you own it!

Animated Explainer Videos

According to recent research, explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past years due to effectiveness in growing business and reliability. More than 85% of people like to buy products and services once they watch explainer videos. Explain your business operations with our animated explainer video services. Animated videos can represent your business process in clear and understandable for everyone.  If you have large-scale business, animated videos can explain your business process and message to potential customers effectively.