Hottest Web Design Trends for 2017


Web design world is consistently evolving. Every year, some trends are born, some faded, and some just continue to expand with unique environment. Extra pixels addition in images, these design elements come together to design a face of the internet as we know it.

There is no doubt that graphics evolution we watch on our screens are often the result of giant technology and web development companies’ innovations. However, a range of time sensitive elements such as fashion, news, phenomena, cultural events, and more also affects designing.

So the million-dollar question is what are the hottest trends for New Year 2017? We at thought media offer full range of web design services in Toronto. Our web designing team has done research and taken some notes on hottest trends in web design for upcoming year. There are some important trends listed as follows for upcoming year.

Mobile Friendly Approach

In this era of handheld devices, everything we are looking for is at our fingertips- literally, we just have to scroll in order to find. Even on desktops and tablets, we are addicted to our mouse wheel, track pad, and it is mostly thanks to social networks.   

The mobile friendly approach is not new to 2016 and has been around for a few years now, but with mobile phones now officially launched as the primary device used for browsing the web from anytime anywhere. Companies are realising the importance of having a website that effectively content deliver on small screen and are scrambling to get on board.

Content must be design to auto fit on screen itself according to screen size then you will be able to get user attention on your product or website.

Capture user attention with GIF

Abusing Gifs and animated pictures can definitely affect your website UX (User Experience). However, it might be useful too. Animated Gifs are playing very important role to bringing your website design to the next level without making your visitors squint.

Gifs and animations make website more appealing for visitors. We recommend using these animated pictures on specific elements that you want to stand out such as sales offers, coupons, best-selling products, and so on. You can also add some parallax effects on website to look coolest on web. You can create 3d effects for story telling of your website in a fascinating way.

Use of 3D Geometric Shapes

Once upon a time, the big digital trend was skeuomorphism bless us. The idea was to transform realistic objects in to digital imaging. For example, you probably remember the notepad on the iPhone that looked like an actual notepad. While cool a clear, it did not feel modern at all. Then flat design of Microsoft Windows 8 Style with minimalistic icons and color blocks with no reference to our real world, which is, started showing up everywhere. At the same, time Google came out with material design and bring some fresh perspective to geometric shapes, some shadows, motion, and boldness to geometric styles. A Googles geometric shape in website backgrounds has totally shaken the web. For More Details visit us at


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