Website Designing for Lead Generation

A lead is born when a user takes an action; a simple contact form is submitted. It happens on a daily basis while surfing on a web using desktops and devices. It’s common thing but it’s not as simple as we think. There are several factors involved in lead generation. Some peoples are very good at implementing strategies according to their business needs but most don’t.   The difference is in website that is designed for lead generation.  A lead generation website has specific set of pages, each with specific elements.

Let’s break it down.

The website is gently leading the person step by step: awareness, interest, trust, and then action. That’s a classic conversion funnel. How pages can be aligned as follows:

  1. Blog Post: Create awareness with some creative content.
  2. Web Page: Proactive information
  3. About Page: Build trust using explanatory product information and their benefits.
  4. Contact Page: Contact form for enquiry related to the product and services.
  5. Thank You Page: They have completed the steps and now lead is conversion.

This is the process of lead generation but it can be only worth when pages are designed for the purpose. Each page needs to be designed using set of elements. Here is the breakdown of the pages for lead generation.

Header Design with Meta Tags

Designing of header is something that can be the front face of lead generation page. If it is not attractive then you would not be able to create awareness or you may loose that lead. It is also need implementation in heading tag along with Meta title.  This is one of the most important places to use tagline of product highlight.

Prominent E-Mail registration form with descriptive call to action

An email sign up or registration form should be interactive that tells users what they are going to get and gives some evidence that they will not have to face any kind of spam activity on their inboxes.

Active social media networks

Sending peoples on wrong network may cost you extra while working on lead generation. Always prefer active social media networks for lead generation page. You really don’t want people to leave your site, but if they do, send them on active social media network where you can truly engaged with your website visitors.

Compelling Image

Nowdays peoples are more interested in reading visual content instead or getting bored with just with the text. So, every page consists of at least one infographic image that represent product information with descriptive content. This makes post more engaging both on your site and in the social streams when it gets shared. It should be interactive and clear conceptualize with informative charts and diagrams.

Service Pages

Service page is the pathway to give clear image of services through visual and descriptive content to the visitors.

Call to Action for Information

Many visitors may learn so much from your informative posts and then leave the web page. To improve the chances that they’ll stick around, end each post with an invitation to get in touch for more information and page link to your contact form with question that invited to comment.

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